1 more month!

Today marks one month until the first day of school!!!! It still has yet to hit me!

I get in my classroom next Wednesday, I am soooo excited! Maybe it will hit me then! I have been hard at work the past week preparing things for my classroom and finishing up school projects. I’m not quite sure how I would be able to prepare for this first year if I were not in the Teacher Fellows program. I am already overwhelmed enough and I have tones of projects and people helping me.

Next Thursday is my last day of classes for the summer. I am so excited to be done with the school portion for a little while, but am going to miss seeing my cohort loves every single day, all day long. It has been a very busy, fun, and rewarding summer! I am so excited for the adventure we are all about to start!

Thanks for reading and be looking for future posts about my classroom!!! Lots of pictures to come soon! Ahhhh 😀

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