41 Days!!!

The last month has been really busy with graduate school and getting things ready for my first year of teaching…. It still has not hit me that in a little over a month I will have 22 little students that I have to take care of!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

The Teacher Fellows program has proved to be more than I could ever imagine. First off, I have three WONDERFUL professors teaching me so much valuable information. I also got to meet my exchange teacher who is very helpful. I am so excited to be working with her this next year. Secondly, I have gained 14 new friends. The girls I am in this program with are such genuine and caring women- I am so blessed!

Not only have I been working with wonderful women, I have been given so many awesome resources to use this next year. Two of which include a MacBook and iPad!!! This was a very welcomed surprise for me!!!!

Some other things I have been up to this summer; received my Hays CISD badge, community study with the Hays cohorts to learn about the Kyle/Buda area, met my principal, saw my classroom (ahhhhhhh!!!!!!), worked with k-2 at a summer literacy program in Kyle, turned 22, spent some time at the lake with family, and celebrated Milo’s graduation from puppy school!!!! It has been a busy summer for sure, but I am enjoying every minute of it! I’m also trying to enjoy “sleeping in” till 7 am…. come August 27 my alarm will be buzzing dark and early at 5 am!

The other big thing I have been up to this summer is spending ALL of my money on buying stuff for my classroom… To be quite honest, it’s pathetic how much stuff I have already collected. My wallet is not too happy with me right now. Luckily, I had enough money to buy groceries today (or maybe momma helped me out ;)!!!) Either way, I have promised myself I will not spend a single penny on my classroom till I get paid again…..we will see how well I adhere to that.

Below are some pictures of things going on and I have done for my room. I am writing this post on my iPad so I am trying to figure it out as I go… My pictures and captions may not correspond… Sorry 🙁 But here is a brief description of the pictures:

-There are a few pictures of all my teaching stuff… Enough to fill a whole bedroom.
– Cohort 19 with our “How Full is Your Bucket”books and our new iPad’s.
-My Hays CISD badge.
-Pinterest inspired “I’m Done!” jar sticks (sponge activities) and stick stories (different colored sticks represent different parts of a story. Pick at random and write story using parts provided).
-My birthday present!!! My cricut to use to decorate my classroom!! Yay!!

I will try and post sooner next time! 🙂

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