Meet Kelly


I am passionate about teaching. I am passionate about organizing. What happens when you put those things together? An organized teacher! I am completely confident that organized classrooms lead to successful classrooms. My mission is to help teachers create welcoming, engaging, and safe spaces for great teaching to happen. We can do this by ensuring our classrooms and procedures are organized effectively. This blog is a place for you to find organizing tips from me as well as other successful teachers!

My Story

My youngest memories involve me playing school in my classroom with my stuffed animal students. Teaching has been a dream of mine since I can remember. In 2008 I set off to Texas State University to make that dream a reality! I graduated from Texas State in 2012. Go Bobcats! I went on to complete my Masters the following year. Flash forward 5 years and we are in 2017. Throughout my 5 years in teaching, I have spent 2 years in a third grade classroom and 3 years in a second grade classroom. I have had ups and downs, highs and lows. I have had days where I am ready to quit and days where I can’t possibly imagine spending my life doing anything else. You know that feeling, teacher friend!

Five years in and I am still just as passionate about teaching my sweet littles as when I began. The difference between today and Day 1 is the passion I have gained to encourage and support classroom teachers on their quest to be the best teachers they can be.

You can read more about my journey to The Simply Organized Teacher here! You can also read my story featured on the Business Boutique Blog or listen to it on the Business Boutique Podcast (just fast forward to minute 45:40!).

I also blog over at Kelly Michelle Blog where I share about all the things in my life other than teaching!