Classroom Tour 2017-2018

This year was a hard year for me to start. Last year was a difficult year for me. My class was challenging and all motivation was pretty much gone. And I really felt it deep in my bones that this would be the year I would get to try something new- a new grade, a new school, or even a new position like a coach.

Well…none of those things happened. I am still a 2nd grade teacher at the same school I have taught at my whole career. I fully believe that God works things together for the purpose of His Kingdom and so I trust that I am there for another year on purpose. A lot of craziness happened in the two weeks prior to the start of school that made me really grateful that God kept me with my work family for another year.

But…I needed a pick me up. I needed something different for this year because nothing else in my teaching career was changing. (Actually, that’s not true! I was moved to a different classroom and have a different partner teacher.) But I needed a change aesthetically.

I always love a good classroom tour to check out pictures of how teachers set up their rooms.

So! I present to you my 2017-2018 Classroom Tour!!!

A tour of my 2nd Grade Classroom

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I knew I needed big changes this year. We spend HOURS in our classroom every day and it needs to feel like home for me. Originally I was just going to change the colors and what not, but then I decided to try flexible seating as well. It’s something I’ve thought about at the start of the last three to four years, but was to0 nervous to try. I’ll post a whole blog on that next week!

So without further adieu.

My Classroom Tour Pictures

It’s  important to note that my plan was to take these pictures Friday afternoon after the kids left. However, at 12:30 on Friday our campus got an email stating that any classroom with an exterior wall needed to pack up the cabinets on those walls as damage had been done during the hurricane and workers would be in our rooms RIPPING DOWN TWO FEET OF OUR WALLS OVER THE WEEKEND! So…. I had to rush to get pictures of my room before I started packing.

This was taken the day I moved into my new classroom. Empty, boring, and full of desks.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

When you enter our classroom and look to the right you will see our Math stations and Math Word Wall. I try to keep all “like things” together. So all my math stuff is in this corner.

*Absolutely NO students were hidden behind the camera during the taking of these pictures*

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

The Word Wall is next to the Math Word Wall. I am a Dual Language Teacher so I have to have an English and Spanish Word Wall. This is how I meet that requirement. I have to take words off throughout the year to add new ones, but it works!

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

I also have my Listening Center on this wall. In previous years I sat the radio on a table but this year I am using that table as a desk for my students, so I flipped over this wooden box and made it a “table.”

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

Right next to the door is our Writing Station. I haven’t yet set this up yet cause I am still deciding on exactly how I want to do it.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

To the left of the door is our Computer Station as well as “Home Base” where students turn in their take home folders and check their mailboxes.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

I still do community supplies and house them in these back cubbies.  I can’t stand clutter so I keep them very simple and uniform by putting their materials in them.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

Our Classroom Library is up next.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

This is my Small Group Teaching Area, situated so that I can see the entire classroom from my chair.

My teacher desk is right next to my U-table. I like to keep all “my stuff” in one area as well so it is easily accessible.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

Here are a few views standing from the back of our room looking forward.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

I love my new rocking chair I am using as my seat for whole group teaching. This was actually the rocking chair Cody’s parents used when he was a baby (I think?). When we moved him out of his house into mine, I didn’t have a spot for it but I totally want to keep it for when we have a baby (a long, long, LONG time from now!) so I took it to school. I told my kids they can’t sit in it cause it might break…. 🙂

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

I took all of these pictures and then immediately unpacked all the cabinets in my room on exterior walls. This is what I will be walking into Tuesday morning! 😀

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

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Hurricane Harvey Relief

I can’t really complain that this is all my classroom had to endure due to Hurricane Harvey. Really, I am so lucky. I have spent so much money on my classroom and can only imagine the stress teachers in Houston and along the coast are feeling.

My 2nd Grade Classroom Tour

If you haven’t seen this going around online, a teacher blogger, Sun, Sand, and Second Grade, is putting together an “Adopt a Classroom” movement. You can read more about it by clicking the link. I love the idea of helping another classroom get up and running for their new school year!

I also love this blogger, Melanie Shankle, and she put together a whole blog post full of ways you can support Hurricane Harvey victims!

I am loving my new classroom with less desks and an even calmer color pallet of mostly blues and grays. I’ll be back next week to share about how I am managing flexible seating!

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My 2nd grade classroom tour

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