Crayons Are A Meltin’

One of my favorite activities we have done as by far been the lesson on melting. Courtesy of Kristin, of course!!!

I hate science. Science has always been a struggle for me. I scraped by during my undergrad in all of my Science courses (which was a lot). In fact, I probably could have had a 4.0 if it weren’t for those dang science classes…but I digress. Anyways, because science has been such a struggle for me, this is an area Kristin has helped me a lot in. She usually helps me plan science and will sometimes help me teach it. This, I am very thankful for! And so are my kids!

When talking about melting and cooling we did a fun little activity that is all over Pinterest. The crayons on a a canvas with a hairdryer activity. Of course, on Pinterest this is used as a cute and decorative craft. But for us teachers, we find ways to implement those things in our classroom.

It took a little prep time. I had to glue all the crayons on the canvas which proved to be a little tedious for this OCD gal. If you ever decided to do this in your class or just for your own enjoyment, make sure you glue the crayons on in ROYGBIV. When I did my practice canvas I just glued them down randomly and the melted color was ugly. Think…baby’s diaper? Too much? Moving on…

We had been talking about melting for a couple of days before we did this exact lesson. I showed the kids the canvas and had them write a prediction in their Science Journal. We then sat in a circle as a class while I used my hairdryer to melt he crayons. The kids loved watching the colors fall down the canvas.

After we melted it, the kids wrote a conclusion statement about what happened and drew a picture. This finished product hangs in our class as a reminder of what melting is. They LOVED this lesson! I have even heard my kids talking about one of their favorite things we did was melting the crayons!

Kinda blurry…but you get the gist!

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