First Week Recap

I did it! I survived my first week of teaching! It was fast and it was furious but I loved every second of it! My kids are great! I have 15 wonderful, loving, energetic, adorable kids! I was so amazed with how awesome their behavior was on the first day….Like, I don’t think I really ever had to tell them to be quiet. However, as the week has gone on, they have definitely started getting more comfortable in their classroom and they are starting to get more chatty. I’m happy that they are feeling that level of comfort.

We spent a lot of the week doing classbuilders and  teambuilders. For those of you who don’t know what they are…you can kind of figure it out just by looking at the name. The kids are seated in teams of four (and 1 team of three). The goal is to build them up as a team and teach them the importance of collaborating and working together. It makes my heart smile when I see my students helping out one of their friends who is struggling! That’s what I want- my students looking to each other for help and guidance. Of course I will always be there to support and help them. But we need to teach our children how to work together and to lean on each other during times of need. I think the most heartwarming thing this week was during our class meeting (we sit in a circle and talk about our day and solve problems in our classroom) a student shared something sad that was going on in his life and the boy and girl sitting next to him both reached over and rubbed his back. Y’all!!! That’s awesome! Third graders comforting each other in times of sadness.

So this week was a lot of fun get-to-know-you games and setting up of spirals and notebooks. We also set up our class social contract. I’ll have to take a picture of this to show y’all. It’s amazing some of the things the kids come up with as far as how we should treat each other…Funny thing is, they all said we shouldn’t talk when the teacher is talking. We are having a little trouble following that part of the social contract!

On Tuesday we read “How Full is Your Bucket?” which is a story about a little boy named Felix who realizes that his invisible bucket that floats above his head is emptied when people are mean to him but gets full when he is nice to other people and people are nice to him. We had a talk about what it meant to fill someones buckets and we made our own buckets to hang up in the classroom. The kids are able to fill each others buckets in the morning and check their own.

On Thursday I received another package…not from mom, but from my Milo bear! Hah, my mom is crazy. But I love it! Milo went home with my parents for the week so that I didn’t have to worry about him the first week of school. It really was super helpful cause I was able to leave as early as I needed and stay as late as I wanted. He had lots of fun! Mom said he went on walks every night, then came back and ran all over the backyard then jumped in the pool to cool off.

“I’m having so much fun at Grandma’s house!” -Milo

“What? You talkin’ to me?”- Milo 

The week flew by! It was exhausting. I was at school till at least 5:30 everyday and as late as 7:30 one night. That night I literally came home, ate, got in the shower, and was in bed within the hour. I also had a formal walk through from my principal which is always nerve wracking- especially the first time! But I got a good report. I am enjoying working with all my new coworkers….However, I am still in my own little world I don’t really think it has quite hit me that I’m not just playing school anymore. I’m THE teacher….yeah, still crazy to me! OH!!! The other great part about this week?!?!  I got my first paycheck!!! Wahooooo!!! It’s not a lot, but for this girl who just graduated college, it’s a lot. I’m rich. It’s a real cool feeling! 😉

I’ve spent the holiday weekend at the lake house with my family and friends! It has been so relaxing. I haven’t done anything for school…at least not a lot…

I’ve done a lot of this….

and this….

 and hung out with these two cuties.

And then I did some more of this…! I love napping with my baby.

It’s been a great weekend! I’m so thankful for the extra day to sleep in. Unfortunately, I have to go back to school tomorrow to get things ready for the rest of the week but I’m glad I had to full days of rest and relaxation with my family and little pup.

Thanks for reading! I’ll probably update after the second week, so check back next weekend! Love to you all!!


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