Funny Kid Moments

Just wanted to share a couple funny moments from my kiddos today.

Here is the background info:

In science we did a lesson on physical properties. I placed different objects around the room and the kids had to go to the different objects and describe them. One of the objects were Milos teeth. Yes, I saved them. And yes, I used them for a science lesson

In social studies we talked about features on a map. One of the features we talked about was the scale. I showed an example that said 1 in equals 250 miles. I explained to them that 250 miles would be like a 5 hour drive.

Okay so at the end of the day I had them do “exit tickets.” They had to write 2 things they learned and 1 thin they are still wondering about. I brought them home to read over them and these two kiddos gave me a chuckle.

I had one boy right for his wonderig “where did you get Milo’s teeth from?” First, it’s funny because if they are his teeth, where do you think they came from?!? It also made me laugh that that was his wondering for the day. The things they remember, right?

The little girl wrote for one of her things she learned was “250 miles takes a long time.” hah! I love seeing the things they remember. They are always so cute.

Anyways, those are just a couple of the things that made me laugh today. I’m always laughing at the things my kiddos do/say. They crack me up with some of the stuff they come up with. I wish I was as creative/funny as them!

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