I’m Alive!!!

This is a little late…But for some reason it never posted and I just now noticed. So here is the recap of my first day! 

For all of you out there worried on whether or not I’d make it out alive today or not, I did!!! I may be a little melted, but I am alive.

Aside from the fact the air conditioning was not working in most of the classrooms today, I would say it was a pretty good day! A warm one, but a good one!!! Luckily, the hallways, lunchroom, library, and specials rooms all had AC so there was some air flow in the school- just not much.

I woke up at 5 this morning so excited and ready to go! I’m sure today was the only day I will ever wake up feeling that way! Tomorrow morning is going to come very quickly!

I got to school and got last minute things in order. I had 2 students added to my roster for a total of 15 awesome kiddos in my class this year!! 🙂 Kids started arriving and I had no time to be nervous. I was a little overwhelmed with getting students to sort school supplies, start their worksheet, and talk with parents. But I managed! My kids and their parents seem awesome this year and I am really excited to get to know all of them!!!

I started the morning with showing an iMovie I made about myself for Teacher Fellows this summer. I think they enjoyed seeing pictures of their teacher as a little girl all the way up to now! The rest of the morning was filled with lots of procedures. The kids are there for an hour, then we go to recess, back for another hour, then to specials, back for 40 minutes, then lunch time. So we had lots to go over this morning to ensure that we were exhibiting proper behavior in each class. They did great despite the boring rule stuff we had to cover!

The afternoon was much more fun because we were able to do classbuilding and teambuilding activities that the kids seemed to enjoy! I enjoyed getting to walk around and learn a little bit about them.

I had told a few friends earlier this morning something along the lines of “My mom always sends flowers, the front desk lady is gunna hate me cause my mom is always sending packages!” (This was after I had already received my first package of the day- lots of construction paper as I was told the school didn’t supply that. Mom being her wonderful, caring, and giving self, sent me 2500 pieces of construction paper!!! Wanna know the best part?!?!? They are already sorted by color. Halleluiah ). Anyways, around 1:30 a lady walks in with a beautiful flower arrangement!!! I laughed and shook my head. I explained to my students that my mom loves to send me flowers throughout the school year and that we will probably have lots of pretty flowers to look at this year! I read them the sweet note she sent me and we moved on. But, Mom, I know you are reading this and I hope you know how special it makes me feel to get those flowers delivered to my room! You can annoy the front desk lady all you want! I love getting those packages! They make me smile!

Aren’t they pretty????

Everyone has warned me that you never get half the stuff done on your first day that you planned. Well, I took that to heart and allotted lots of time for each procedure taught or activity done- too much time actually! There were a couple stories and brain breaks done today that were not in my plans. Luckily I was able to think quickly though!!!

The day ended and I got everyone home- which they told me was the MOST IMPORTANT part of the day. If I didn’t do anything all day long- make sure I knew how they were getting home.

Finally, I was able to leave!!! After being at school for 12 hours, I was happy to get into my air conditioned car. I drove straight to Dominoes to get my reward for my hard days work! I took a short detour through campus and shed a couple of tears. It made me a little sad to see all the students walking through campus knowing that my time there has come and gone. I am so so so excited about this new chapter in life but it is taking some adjusting to.

I came home, showered before I ate because I was that nasty, ate, and now I am typing this. It is now bed time as I am exhausted and hoping my alarm is extra loud tomorrow morning!

Thank you all for the prayers, encouraging words, texts, letters, and everything in between that I have received this past week. It is so comforting to know that I have such a strong support system carrying me through this journey! Love to you all!

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