I’m Done!!!!

So…..I wrote this post back at the end of the year but neglected to edit and post it. Sad part is…summer is now over ๐Ÿ™ Back to PD on Monday morning and a week later the kids are back!

If you would have asked me back in October if I would make it to the end of the year my answer would have simply been “no”. Well…probably more like “hell no” or “there’s no way in hell”. But! I did it! I made it! This year is OVER!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I could jump higher or sing louder than I am right now. THIS YEAR IS OVER!!!!!!!! I think it still hasn’t hit me.

I feel two main feelings right now. The most obvious feeling is the feeling of relief. Did I mention I am done?!?!?! The year which has drained me emotionally and mentally has finally ended. I can finally rest and relax. The second feeling I have had lately is one of guilt. I feel guilty that because I had such a challenging year, so many of my other students suffered academically and emotionally. I feel like I was not able to give them the things they needed because I was too busy running interference for my challenging kiddos. I know in my heart that I did all that I could in the moment. This year was draining and exhausting and I gave all I could, but sometimes I wish I could have given just a little bit more.

I am looking forward to a summer of relaxing and not thinking about kids… AT ALL!!! Last summer was spent working on projects for my classroom, finishing up grad school, and reading educational books. This summer is about London, relaxing, and not thinking about school!!!

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