Creating and Sticking to Classroom Organization Routines Ecourse

Having trouble getting your classroom organized? Not sure where to start?

Teaching is hard work! We all know that. But so is organizing. And staying organized? That's really difficult! That's where Creating and Sticking to Classroom Organization Routines Ebook comes in! This course was developed for you! My facebook friends voted (almost unanimously) that creating and sticking to classroom organization routines is the hardest part of being organized. So I developed this free ecourse to help you develop and implement classroom organization routines. In this course you will get:

Getting Organized

This free ecourse will walk you through the steps of getting organized and help you identify your most important areas of need.


Not only will you be able to chat with me through this ecourse, you will also have access to the TSOT facebook page to interact with other teachers who are working on the same goal!

Staying Organized

At the conclusion of the ecourse, you will develop a plan to help you STAY organized! (Cause that's the hardest part, right?)