My First Post…EVER!!!

Hi folks!

It is officially waaaayyy past my bedtime and I have spent the last two and a half hours trying to get this thing all set up and looking like I want it to… Of course I had it all perfect and then pushed the wrong button and lost all my hard work…typical Kelly move.

Within the past month a lot of big things have happened! I graduated (woohoo!!), Milo started puppy school (and is succeeding!!), and was also accepted into an awesome Masters Program here at Texas State!!! The Teacher Fellows Program will allow me to earn my masters by August of 2013 and teach throughout this next year. With the program I will have a “mentor teacher” who works with the program and will be in my classroom multiple times throughout the week helping and coaching me through my first year; probably giving me a should to cry on too. I will be at Science Hall Elementary (yes, that’s the name…not the “hall” I will be teaching in 😉 ) in Hays CISD. I will be teaching third grade and I am super excited! With that being said…I am still on cloud 9 and haven’t quite realized how stressful this next year is going to be. I couldn’t be happier though and I am ready to take on this challenge!

My first “challenge” has been getting all my books organized. My awesome mentor teacher graciously handed over her ENTIRE classroom library to me! SCORE!!! I also got lots of free books from Half Price Books because I am a teacher! SCORE #2!!!! I have spent the last couple days organizing and reorganizing my books into a system I think will work for my students and myself. I know you are all DYING to see pictures, so…..

Here I am posing in front of my new school!

All the books my mentor teacher gave me!

My mess before hand…Milo posed for the picture too!

“Mpmmy, I am looking for a book for you to read to me!”

Mid-organizing disaster

Now were on to the chapter books

And viola! I’m done!!!

So there you are! I just completed my first blog and am patting myself on the back. Milo is snoozing so and I should be too. Night!

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