An Update for The Simply Organized Teacher

Hi there friends,

In an effort to be completely honest and transparent with my readers, I want you to know that I am struggling keeping up with the blog right now. I love blogging and it brings me a lot of joy. But it also requires a lot of time. And because of that, I feel like I need to take a brief break from the blog and focus on some other “life things” right now.

As many of you know, I got married a month ago!!! (Check out my blog all about our wedding day via that link or the picture below!)

This past month has been a whirlwind. We were lucky enough to go on a honeymoon right after our wedding. But immediately following our return, we hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since. We moved Cody in to my house, now OUR house! We also had to get Cody’s house prepped for renters to move in.

This is our current situation.

And if you know me, you know that this is killing me!!!!!!!!!

Plus we have like a hundred thank you notes that need to be written and almost a thousand wedding pictures that need to be sorted through and chosen for our album.

Oh..and of course that little thing we have called a J-O-B. If I didn’t have to work, it would really make things a lot easier! 😉

The blog is my passion. I hope that one day this is something I get to do full time. But right now, it’s just a side gig that pays me a big fat NADA! A typical blog takes me a couple hours to write, plus all the other social media and emails that go along with keeping this thing afloat.

I typically try to spend a whole weekend devoted to the blog and getting things ready for the upcoming month. But  right now I feel that that time needs to be spent with Cody getting our house back together.

I am a perfectionist so it kills me to not stay true to my word of posting a new blog each week OR give my readers my full 100% with each blog post. But I also hate that I have this extra stress looming over me. Stress that I am putting on myself! I miss taking Milo on walks and laying on the couch. Lately I haven’t been able to do that because we have been so busy and I feel guilty spending time relaxing when I have so much blog stuff to do.

This post is really more of just a way for me to process my feelings. Lately I feel like God is teaching and showing me how to let things go. That it’s okay to not do ALL the things ALL the time. Right now I feel like I have a lot on my “proverbial plate” and the blog is one thing I can take off my plate for a few weeks to allow time for my husband, our house, and our pups.

My hope is to only be away for the month of September. It may bleed into October, depending on how quickly we can get things taken care of around here.

I can’t wait to come back because I have a ton of great blog ideas lined up. I also have a fun new project I am eager to share with you, once I figure out all the details.

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Thank you for your understanding and support!

Until next time,

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