It’s Spring! Do You Know What That Means?!?

Yup! It sure is! Spring Break just wrapped up down here in Texas. But I have some friends in Tennessee that are gearing up for Spring Break this week. I’m a little sad to be back in school, but back from Spring Break means we are on the downhill slope to SUMMER! Praise the Lord!

15 steps to Classroom Organization freebie!

So…speaking of Spring. I’d say it’s high time for some “Spring Cleaning!” I spent a couple days over break cleaning my house. Random things like cleaning the windows (because who ever cleans those), mowing the yard (ready for Cody to move in so he can take care of that one!), and just other odds and ends that I don’t normally get to around the house.

Spring Cleaning

But, now that we are back in school…especially on the move towards summer, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning out our rooms.

Typically about this time each school year is when I start slowly winding things down in my room. When my kids are doing independent work, I may open up a cabinet and rummage through it. Anything I haven’t touched this year, has to go. If I forgot about it this year…how likely is it that I will remember it next year? Not likely…Bye Felicia!

I also start cleaning out my filing cabinets. Each drawer is grouped together. The top drawer is professional development documents, paperwork on each class, classroom management printables, really just anything besides academic files.

15 steps to Classroom Organization freebie!

The second drawer is all my Math and ELA files. I literally have like no files, everything is on the computer for me. But, there are some things I keep paper copies of in this drawer. I also store my colored paper, card stock, dividers, envelopes, etc. in the drawer.

The third drawer houses Science and Social Studies files as well as all my word wall words.

Over the course of a week, I will open up each drawer one-by-one, go through it, clean it out, recycle, move, and reorganize if necessary. This way I have only the most necessary stuff going into the next school year.

Also…all you teachers who have been teaching more than ten years or so (I’m looking at you, Shelly!) It’s time to transition your files to your computer. This is WAY easier to find and WAY easier to transport if and when you move schools or classrooms!

Planning for Next Year

I also really like to use this time of the year to start brainstorming for next year. What did work? What didn’t work? Anything I want to change? Anything I need to change? I keep a little spiral next to my computer and any ideas that come to mind for next year, I jot down in there. That way when it comes August and it is time for me to set up my classroom, I can remember all those great ideas I had.

Something I like to do each year is come up with one big goal for the upcoming year. This past year my “big goal” was to do more math stations. This is something I have always struggled with, but also really believed in. So I made it a priority to focus on that when I got back to school at the beginning of this year.

Right now, while things are winding down, is when I feel like my mind is coming up with all the great ideas. My little spiral next to my computer is where I can list all those ideas. Then, when the new year starts, I can look back on all my thoughts, ideas, goals, and decide on what is worth pursuing and what maybe needs to be on the back burner.. because NEWS FLASH- I can’t do it all. Even though I usually think I can. 😉

Next Steps

I’d love to help you get your classroom organized for the upcoming year. One way I can help you is through my “15 Steps to Classroom Organization” freebie. This checklist has 15 items that I think are the most important components to creating an organized classroom.

If you are interested in getting your classroom organized and prepped for the upcoming year- check out this freebie!

15 steps to Classroom Organization freebie!

I also would LOVE to help you physically by coming into your classroom, helping you identify the top three “high need” areas in your room, and walking you through the organization process. If you are interested in having me come out to your classroom, click on the box right below, fill out the google form, and I will be in touch soon!

One last thing, before I leave you. I am really excited (and really overwhelmed) to announce that I am going to be creating some sort of classroom organization support item to help you more in depth with organizing your classroom. I don’t entirely know what it looks like yet. What I do know is that I want to help YOU be the best teacher you can be! Currently I am in the process of outlining a book on this topic, but I am also considering an ecourse where I get to help you virtually each and every week! I REALLY need your input. Would you click on the link below and fill out this short six question survey? Pretty, pretty please?!?!

Thank you for your help, friend! And thank you so much for reading and following along with me! Have a great rest of your week!

Until next time,

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