The Banana Story

I thought I might end the year 2016 with a good ole fashioned story. This is a story from 2014, so it’s a bit old, but a great story nonetheless. Somehow, I have never managed to post this story. Shame on me! But alas, the day has arrived! So here goes:


In 2013 I had quite a challenging class. You can read about all that fun here! The short story is that I had 4 boys that were really difficult and some of them may or may not have been a tad bit annoying. I worked all year with these boys to try and teach them right from wrong. I loved on them. I yelled at them. I encouraged them. And then sometimes I just ignored them.

There was one little boy in this group of 4 who absolutely just stole my heart. He walked in on the first day of school with dreadlocks tied behind his head. It probably helped that I had his cousin the year before and so his parents requested me for their son. But, regardless, he was as cute as could be. But he was a stinker!

The biggest issue I had with this little guy was disrespect when things wouldn’t go his way or he was feeling unsuccessful in the classroom. Other than that, he was a pretty easy going kid. So I was quite shocked when the following conversation happened one morning towards the end of the year.

Kid 1: Ms. B. What happened to your banana?

Ms. B: My banana? What banana?

Kid 1: The one you had on your desk.

Ms. B: Oh, that’s right. (thinking: Oh yeah, I did bring a banana, I wonder where it is)

*Looks through bag, behind desk…Hmmm…where is my banana?*

Ms. B: Class, anyone know what happened to my banana?

Kid 2: *Looks back and forth between me and the front of the room with super shady eyes*

Various Students: No, you lost your banana?

Well…naturally, because of my clientele this year, someone must have stolen it so therefore I must find out who and dole out a consequence.

Ms. B: Alright, everyone, clean out your desks. We are going to find my banana.

Students clean out desk. No banana found.

Ms. B: Y’all! Where is my banana? We are not leaving this classroom until my banana is found!!!!!

By this point I am frustrated and thinking “seriously…it’s a f***ing banana? Why do I care?” (P.S. please forgive my language)

*Continues yelling at kids about said banana*

Ms. B: Seriously…We aren’t leaving till we find my banana.

Ms. B: Everyone, backpacks out, I am checking everyone’s backpack.

*It’s a f***ing banana*

Still… no banana

Ms. B: Alright, well I am going to call the office, they will watch the video for me and tell me who stole my banana. So if you stole my banana, or you know who stole my banana, you need to tell me now.  (Side Note: How many teachers use the “I’ll look at the video” line??? It’s my go-to line when kids are lying.)

Kid 3: Can I talk to you in the hall? I saw who took your banana.

*Ms. B and Kid 3 enter hallway*

Kid 3: I saw Kid 2 take your banana off your desk.

Ms. B: Thank you for telling me, you may go inside.

Ms. B: Kid 2, can I see you in the hallway?

Kid 2: *looks nervous and walks outside*

Ms. B: Now, Kid 2, do you know what happened to my banana? I think you might know what happened to my banana. If you did, I need you to tell me now. We won’t call Mom. But, if I look at that video and find out that you knew something about my banana and you didn’t tell me, we will go to the principals office and call Mom. Do you know something about my banana?

Kid 2: *Looks down at shoes as he kicks his foot nervously back and forth, shakes head yes*

Ms. B: You took my banana?

Kid 2: *Nods yes while ashamedly looking down at feet*

Ms. B: Why did you take my banana?

Kid 2: It was just sitting there on your desk.

Ms. B: Well, where is it? Go get your backpack. I want my banana back

Kid 2: I don’t have it.

Ms. B: What do you mean you don’t have it? Where is my banana?

Kid 2: But Ms….I…I….I ate it.

*Tries to control uncontrollable laughter at this whole situation*

Ms. B: So you just ate my banana? Without asking?

Kid 2: *Nods head yes*

Ms. B: When did you take it? How did you take it?

Kid 2: When you weren’t looking. I just grabbed it. It was just sitting there. It looked so good. And I was hungry.

Ms. B: And then what?

Kid 2: I took it to Mrs. C’s room and I ate it in there.

Ms. B: Alright *still trying not to laugh* I understand that you were hungry but you should have asked me first, I would have been happy to give you my banana. But now you stole it from me. So go inside while I think about your consequence

(Because really…how do you punish a kid for stealing your banana because they were HUNGRY!)

So that, my friends, is the banana story. It is so much better told in person. But, I feel much better now that I shared this story with you.

We went on with the rest of our day. Kid 2 joined me for some time during recess to talk about his choice he made. We discussed how negative choices will lead us down one road and positive choices will lead us down another road. I think I had him write me an apology note or something of the sorts. All I really remember was him walking over to my desk to read it to me, in tears. I had him get a kleenex to blow his nose. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped his nose. Then a tear dripped on my desk. Which he proceeded to wipe up with his used, snotty, paper towel. Oh, sweet boy. “Lysol. Over and Out”

I am happy to say that despite this banana incident, this little guy and I still keep up. I’ve been able to make it out to a couple of his football games. During his last year at our school he would bring me his A’s and B’s BEAMING with pride. He also came to me in tears a couple of times, so disappointed in his grades.

I guess stealing someone’s banana really just brings ya closer!

Happy New Year y’all!



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