‘Twas the Night Before School

First off, I have to apologize for my terrible spelling job in my last post. How am I supposed to be a teacher with such bad spelling??? I’ll make sure to spell check this time!!

So the time has finally come. It seems like just yesterday I left my Teacher Fellows interview thinking “Wow! I totally bombed that interview.” Fortunately, I did better than I thought because I got a call a couple hours later offering me a position! It has been such a whirlwind ever since but every minute has been worth it.

The last two weeks have been a bit overwhelming with all of the New Teacher meetings and Professional Development. I have met so many new people and learned so many new things!!! I am on information overload right now!

I got to meet my students for the first time on Thursday night! As of right now, I only have 13 students! I know that is going to grow very quickly after the first couple of days. I am so excited for the students I am going to have in my class!!! They all seem very excited about the new year and I can’t wait for our first day together tomorrow! 

                                                       Ready for Meet the Teacher Night!!!

I can’t believe that TOMORROW is the first day of school!?!?!?!? Where did the summer go? I am so so so excited. I haven’t really had time to be nervous yet. But I am sure tomorrow morning I will be fighting the butterflies. I finally got everything finished up today after taking a break at the lake with my family Friday and Saturday.

Here are some final pictures of my classroom!

I had to rearrange my teams a little since I have so few students. Not complaining though! I also got my cart with all my technology goodies!!!

I printed out all of the Kagan structures that a former fellow passed onto me! They are up here for the kids to be able to read the rules if needed…But let’s be honest, they are really up there so that I don’t forget to do them! I know the kids will love them so I want to make sure I incorporate them into as many lessons as possible!

                                              Completed Word Wall and Objectives board

I am ready for all those pretty new supplies to come in tomorrow morning!!! You know you are a teacher when the sight of new pencils, markers, and crayons makes you happy!!! 🙂

I have an “I’m Done Jar” with sponge activities for the kiddos. When they are done with something, they can pull a stick and do whatever item is listed. They range from reading a book, playing on the iPad, visiting the creation station, and all sorts of other stuff!

This is where students will turn in homework and complete/incomplete classwork. When I am missing something, I will place a sticky note with the items they are missing on their number so they can easily see what they need to turn into me!

The bulletin board will hold the “Star of the Week.” Each week a new student will be our “star” and get to bring their “Me Bag” to present to the class!

Close up of my door!!! Those little lions proved to be quite the difficulty. But finally I got my cricut to work, the day before meet the teacher night, so I could make them. Then my wonderful exchange teacher laminated and cut them out. I am very thankful for that, because I heard it wasn’t a fun task!! Sorry Kristin! 🙁

Lastly, this is my bulletin area for the hallway! The night before Meet the Teacher Night I decided I wanted to copy the rest of the teachers on my hallway and do this little project. Thankfully, mom was to the rescue!!! She got tons of the wooden lions from Hobby Lobby and glued clothespins to the back for me!!! All I had to do was hang them up!

I am so thankful for all the help I have had in getting my classroom ready! I am so excited for tomorrow and hope that my students will be just as happy with our classroom as I am! I have passed out the link to my blog to all of my parents so that they can keep up with stuff going on in our room too!!

Stay tuned for a First Day of School update!!! Love to you all!


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