We The People

Before I even begin this post, I have to give credit to the blog that I found this on, The First Grade Parade. I don’t really know how to give credit properly, so I will post her link here.

I wanted to do something fun for the election this year because the next time an election year comes around my kids will be in middle school and probably won’t have the opportunity to do anything fun with it. I found the blog above on pinterest and thought it was a lot of fun and fairly easy.It probably was a little to juvenile for my 3rd graders, but I think they enjoyed it none-the-less

I read three books to my kids. Grace for President, My Teacher for President, and Duck for President. We were talking about cause and effect in reading that week so these books fit in perfectly. We only have 30 minutes a day for Social Studies, which is not enough time to read the books and do activities so we tied it into Language Arts.

We then talked about the voting process and how in order to vote you must have your voters registration card, which we made!

The kids then got to make campaign posters for whoever they wanted to vote for (they all chose duck). I think I had one kiddo choose their teacher (extra points for him?!?!?)

Lastly, they got to vote. I set up privacy folders as a voting “booth” and had the kids come up 1 at a time and vote for Grace, Duck, or Teacher. Again, duck won. I think there were a couple kids that yelled they were voting for duck so everyone felt like that’s what they needed to do. Peer pressure…

Also during this time, we had a school wide election going on for the president. Our librarian set up an online vote for Obama and Romney. Students were able to go online and vote. Obama won. By a lot. That is all I will say about that….

Anyways this was a fun little lesson, it took us about a week to complete but I think the kids enjoyed it!

We also spent a couple days before the election lesson began to make these fun little guys! (and gals!)

I read a book about the election process to the kids (not one of the 3 shown above). The kids then had some time to brainstorm what they would do if they were elected president. They wrote it on an index card which me later glued down to these signs they made. We then went step-by-step to construct these posters. The kids really enjoyed making them and I enjoyed looking at them. How cute are they????

They had some really cute things they wanted to do if they became president. Like let teachers get paid more! Yeah!!!!

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