Classroom Pictures!

Hooray!! This is the post I have been most excited about since I started my blog. I can finally post pictures of my classroom!!! I have been hard at work this summer making things for my classroom and now I finally get to put it all together! My room is not any where near done, but I have all the big stuff down. Now it’s time for all the “cutesy” stuff!

My mom and little sister, Shelby, have been so awesome this week. They spent two long days helping me set up my classroom. Unfortunately they got the hard laborious (I think thats a word?!?!) job of setting up my bookshelves but they were willing and did an awesome job!!!! I would not have been able to do them alone…And lets be honest, I’m glad I didn’t have to do it at all ;). No worries, I wasn’t sitting on my behind watching them work up a sweat. I was doing other organizing stuff that I needed to take care of.

I came up to school on August 1st for my first day in my room!!! I was so so so excited! I didn’t do much other than move my desks and the students desks where I wanted them.

Oh, and hang out with my class pet….. I went to move my file cabinet and this little guy was waiting for me. I thought he was dead and decided not to worry so I continued working in my room. Then I looked around and he was gone!!! Ahh he was alive! I did what every mature teacher would do…climb on my desk and begin scanning the room for him. Luckily, I found him and through a box over him. He was gone when I came back the next day, phew!

                       Here is my car all loaded down for my first load up to the school! So much stuff!!!!

 I am very excited about all my pinteresting projects I have been doing this summer. On the left is my Positive Behavior Clip chart. I like this one so much better than your typical clip chart because it gives students to opportunity to move up for good behavior! I also made some RAN charts for my teams. I made a bigger one for us to do whole class!

 The view of the whole classroom looking from the library area. So far I only have 18 desks in my classroom which means a small class! Crossing my fingers it continues to stay that way!! 🙂

Here is my desk and small group area. I have since decorated a bit more but these are the most up-to-date pictures that are downloaded on my computer. My clip chart is posted on the side of my bookcase so students have easy access.

When I got to my classroom on the first full day I spent here, this was the first thing I did because it was the only thing that I knew 100% what I wanted to do. Everything else was a blur and I was so overwhelmed. This was easy and I was able to check it off my to-do list very quickly! These cubbies are supposed to be for the students, but as you can see they don’t offer much in the way of space. I decided to use them to hold team materials. The caddies will hold their Kagan mats, talking chips, talking object, and little odds and ends they will need on a regular basis. Each team will have 3 pencil boxes, one for makers, colored pencils, and crayons. This way their materials aren’t a distraction at their tables. The green buckets are the team trashcans for when we do projects that produce lots of little scraps!

                 Mom and Shelby proud of their completed bookshelves!!! I am so thankful for their help!

 Here is my library (and my super cute $10 carpets from IKEA) and math and science word wall!

 This is my picture book bookshelves. They are sorted into different genres. The students will have clothespins with their name on them that they will clip on to the box they take their book to of. This way they will remember where their book came from and I can monitor who has what books.

Here are the chapter books. Sorted alphabetically. I’m hoping, for my sake, that the stay this way…..We will see. I got a bunch of paint sticks from LOWES for free! They will get to decorate those and will place them where their book came from. This is my attempt at making sure the books get put back in the same place…Again, we will see. 

Yay!!! This is my authors chair. This thing has been my enemy all summer long. I was so excited when I bought it at the beginning of summer. I worked on it for like 3 days straight then decided I hated it and wish I never bought it. Finally, last week I decided it was time to finish it up. It was a pain in the booty but I am so happy with how it turned out! I am housing it in my library, but will bring it up front when the kids share their own writings. I think they will love it!!! At least I hope so! 😉

This is the future home of my word wall. Students will write different words on sentence strips that will be posted up here!

Math manipulatives and “Creation Station” area. I haven’t decided how I want to do this…I’m not happy with it right now, but will figure it out soon!

The “Birthday Wall” 

Yay for pretty crayon wreaths!!! Eventually my computer will go in that empty space on my desk but I am currently waiting on technology to come and move my computer. 

And last but not least….my name outside my door!!!! I am too excited about these little things! lol 

So there you have it! My room is pretty much set-up! I still have lots of little things to figure out and waiting on my textbooks and manipulatives from the school to come. I am so excited with how my room is shaping up. I’m sure there will be many more pictures coming within the next two weeks! 
Next week I attend New Teacher meetings all week and the week after that is professional development….Then….the first day of school! AHHHHHHHH! So excited!!! 
In other news, Milo has been a bit of a crazy pup lately. I decided to leave him out in my bathroom on Tuesday. I put gates up so he couldn’t get out into my room or into my closet… He knocked over the gate to my closet and ate my TOMS and my rug I threw in there. Then he somehow knocked over the other gate and I came home and found him chillin’ in my roommates bed. “Okay, thats not terrible” I thought to myself…Until I looked in my shower and found a demolished razor…Yes, Milo ate a RAZOR!!! What the heck?!?!?! So 20 minutes and a few hundred tears later I was sitting in the waiting room at the ER. Luckily, they were so small that surgery was not needed. Doc gave me high-fiber food to help him pass the blades……I don’t think that felt too good, but I guess thats whatcha get dummy!!! 

I thought the X-rays were kinda cool! You can really see the blade in the top picture. The bottom picture there is just a white dot on the left which the doctor said was the blade. My poor baby is doing just fine! Hoping he doesn’t decide to do anything that stupid again!! 
If you made it all the way down here, you win an award for sticking with me!!! Hope everyone’s summers is going well!! 🙂