Gobble Gobble

The last Friday of each month we (all of 3rd grade) do “Fun Friday”. We spend the afternoon doing fun, yet educational activities. 2 teachers pair up to co-teach a lesson. I really enjoy it because it’s time for us to teach while doing fun lessons that we don’t always have time for during a regular school day. I think the kids like it cause it’s FUN!
In November we made these cute little Turkey snacks. The purpose of this was to teach kids the importance of following directions. We had a lot of kiddos that did NOT follow directions. Luckily we were nice enough to still let them eat their snacks.

I did this rotation 3 times…The first time I did not give them an example, just the directions to follow. Not a great idea. I learned quickly and from then on I demonstrated how to make the turkey so they could have a visual. Plus I got to reap the benefit of enjoying the turkey snack after!

Here are the directions:
1 Oreo
2 Mini M&M’s
1 Peanut Butter Cup
1 Scoop of Icing
6 Pieces of Candy Corn

Carefully separate the Oreo cookies pieces in half. Be sure that they do not break.
Add icing to the icing already on the Oreo cookie.
Place 5 pieces of Candy Corn on the top of one of the Oreo pieces to look like feathers. The orange and yellow parts of the candy corn should be sticking out.
Place the other Oreo piece on top of the Oreo with the Candy corn.
Place a penny-sized amount of Icing in the middle of the Oreo.
Unwrap your Peanut Butter Cup
Place the Widest part of the Peanut butter Cup on the Icing that you just put on your Oreo.
Use 2 tiny dots of icing to place the 2 M&M’s on the Peanut Butter Cup to create eyes.
Use another dot of icing to place in the middle of the Peanut Butter Cup.
Take your last piece of Candy Corn and attach it to the middle of your Peanut Butter Cup to create a waddle.

And here is my final product.

I should have taken a picture of some of the kid’s turkeys. One student decided that the peanut butter cup was the turkeys “bottom” and put it on the back of the Oreo…AHHHH!!!! I realized that we need to work a lot more on following directions.