Simply Organized Cabinets Pt. 2

Hi folks!

Last week I shared with you my tips for organizing cabinets that house my student materials. You can read that post here! This week I am back to show you the cabinets in my room that I use for more of my personal teaching materials.

By my desk is where I keep all of “my” stuff. My bookshelf holds my lesson materials, my personal children’s books that I don’t want the kids to have full access to. My teaching resources and all of my basal readers.

The Material Drawers are labeled for each day of the week. Within each drawer are folders for each subject that I teach. I do my best to leave school Friday afternoon with all plans created and all materials printed. I can just pop them into the appropriate drawer and folder and I am ready for the next week. This is probably one of my favorite tips to share with new teachers because it is so simple, but so so SO important!

Organized Cabinets- Click here to see how I organize my classroom cabinets

The final cabinet I have to show is another one of “my” cabinets. This is where I keep all of my classroom decorations, more teaching materials, extra tubs for materials, etc. The white drawers on the third shelf are labeled “Order Forms,” “Scholastic,” “Misc.” When kids are bringing in t-shirt order forms, field trip permission slips, or any kind of form, I know exactly where it goes. This is what I was talking about last week when I mentioned routines for teachers. The black trays help me organize other miscellaneous papers. Right now I have a tray for things to be laminated, a tray for PBIS paperwork, and two trays of paperwork for our Student Council club.

Organized Cabinets- Click here to see how I organize my classroom cabinets

So, there we are! You just got a sneak peek into my cabinets. If you missed my “student cabinets” blog, you can check that out here!  you can I hope that you found something, even if it was a tiny tip, that was helpful to you. As teachers I know we are always learning from each other. A lot of my organizing routines I have picked up from watching those ahead of me, reading blogs, and talking with other teachers about how to organize things.

What is one of your favorite ways to keep things organized in your classroom? I’d love for you to leave a comment below and interact with other readers.

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