Ten Teacher Gifts for this Holiday Season

Parents, this one is for you! Holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to start figuring out Teacher Gifts! I have been on the receiving end of too many mugs to count and I’m sure you have been on the giving end of having no idea what to give, so you settle on a mug and gift card. Nothing is wrong with said mug and gift card, however, if you want some easy gift ideas that are out of the box, read ahead! I have compiled a list of my favorite ideas for teachers gifts in hopes to bring you some help and direction as you prepare to thank your child’s teacher for all of their hard work this year.

Need help with ideas for teach gifts this Christmas? Read this post for a few ideas that are quick, easy, and well priced!

Before we get started, I want to preface this by saying that a heartfelt card goes a really long way. Just because gift giving season is here, does NOT mean you need to spend a lot of money with an elaborate gift for your child’s teacher. There have been years when all I have gotten from a kid and their parent is a card with a sweet and encouraging note. I promise you, we love that!

How about this sweet gift from a little one? If you look close enough, you’ll see it. 🙂



Teacher Gift Ideas

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1. Children’s Books- We LOVE children’s books. And we use them often because…we teach children 🙂 Here are a  few of my favorite:

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown- I LOVE this book and read it to my kiddos every year! Sweet and short book with a good message.

What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada- THIS. BOOK. Oh my…. I almost had tears in my eyes when I first read this book. Such a sweet story of pursuing your dreams and not being afraid to be different.

Night Tree by Eve Bunting-  This is also a really sweet Christmas book about Holiday traditions that could lead to some good lesson openers.

2. Desk Organizer- (pictured below, green basket) I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the “party” section. With the 40% off coupon, it comes out to $7.00.  They can be used on the teacher’s desk for pens, markers, and supplies. They can also be used in their small group or whole group teaching area to store supplies specific for that area.img_3491
3. Mr. Sketch Markers– These are a teachers favorite markers! Once I even had a parent gift them to me in this cute little basket! Markers + cute basket = winner!

4. Gift Certificate to local restaurant- I got a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant and it made for a FREE date night for my boyfriend and me.  WIN!!!

5. Homemade Coasters- 2 years ago I got these sweet, sweet coasters from a student. Now, I realize his Mom was the one who put in the effort to make these adorable little guys, but I use them to this day and think of both her and her son often. Here is a quick little tutorial on how to make photo coasters. You can do pictures or print off cute little sayings.


6. Wine- enough said (Although if you could pull this little number off below, that would be awesome! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had a student or two like this 😉 ) This hilarious wine glass would be great instead of or in addition to!f31f8067298e38ba2372719ebaacfb28

7. Ornament– I love receiving ornaments from students. Especially if it is one they can decorate and add their picture to. I add these to my classroom Christmas Tree and they provide me with a sweet reminder of previous students. Just make sure to add your kiddos name and the year on it!

8. Lunch- If a parent walked up to me one morning with a menu to a restaurant and said “What do you want? I am bringing you lunch today.” I would just want to give them a big ole kiss! Food is a teacher’s love language.

9. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card– Teachers LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers! This is a resource we use on a daily basis, but their products can get pricey! A $10-$20 gift card would surely help your kiddo’s teacher out! And they would love you big time for it!

10. Movie Theater Gift Card- If you want to fancy it up, you can buy a cute popcorn container, throw this fun popcorn in there, and viola!

So… I lied…I have more than 10 ideas. Here are 2 more bonus ideas for you!

11. Teacher Misery- a seriously hilarious book for detailing a teacher’s miseries in her inner city, high school classroom. This is a great gift that your teacher can make use of over the nice long break! ***Warning- this book has inappropriate language so you may want to give this one on your own and not from your child.***

12. Cooler Bag– 4 years I got a super cute cooler bag from a parent and I LOVE it. I still use it to this day. It is probably one of my favorite and most used gifts I have ever received. It is super practical and useful.

So there you are! 12 easy and relatively cheap items that you can give for Teacher Gifts this Christmas. I hope you are able to find some ideas and inspiration for gifting.

Do you have any awesome Teacher Gift ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Until next time,
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