What Happened to SHINE?

Many of you reading this post are probably a family member or a close friend of mine. You have probably also noticed that since school has started back up I have posted a couple of blogs. I have started my very own website (which is very overwhelming, I might add). Or, you may have noticed a decline in all things SHINE. No more facebook page. No more instagram. No more painting.  Those of you who have followed along, here is a “condensed” story of how I went from SHINE to “The Simply Organized Teacher” in a matter of months.


In 2012 Girl got her first teaching job. She was stoked and could not be more excited to start her journey as a teacher. She spent countless hours prepping  her classroom and getting it “perfectly” organized. Many people complimented Girl on her classroom organization skills. She thought everyone was just as organized as her.


Fast forward one year later, Girl starts Year Two. Girl had year from hell. Girl realized the classroom isn’t where she wanted to be forever. Year Three arrives. Girl helps a couple friends set up their classroom. “I would love to do this for a living, but no one would ever pay for that” she thinks. She continues to get compliments (and what sometimes feels like being picked on) for her classroom organization so often that she starts to feel guilty for being so organized…like maybe something is wrong with her and she should be messier.

Year Three is over, summer is here. Girl buys a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood with her cute little pup. She furnishes house with ugly furniture that she made cute by painting and refurbishing. Girl is proud of her work. She gets lots of compliments on her works and thinks she should go into the business of painting furniture.


Now it’s Year Four. Girl thinks, “What’s next? I love teaching, but I am ready for more.”  Girl hears about a woman’s business conference- designed just for women wanting to start their own businesses. She jumps in her car and drives to Dallas. There she meets lots of women who are passionate about their business. She meets a Professional Organizer and Girl shares her ultimate dream of being a Professional Classroom Organizer. But, she shares with others that this dream is not possible because “no teacher will ever pay for that.” Girl moves on and continues thinking about her painting business. She is excited about her creative gifts, her desire to start her own business, and the way Jesus has let her talents “SHINE!” Girl comes back from conference super excited, motivated, and encouraged. Girl finishes up last few weeks of school. Summer arrives. But all she wants to do is lay on the couch. But she knows she must paint. She paints a few things and thinks “This is fun…but I’m not sure this is “it?”

August comes and it’s time to get ready for school. Girl says “what the heck, what do I have to lose?” and posts her organization services online. She gets one bite and helps another teacher set up and organize her classroom. She actually gets paid to do it, too! Girl thinks “This is AWESOME!” As she is driving home on a late, rainy, Wednesday night,she is listening to her favorite podcast “The Happy Hour” which encourages women to pursue their God given talents. Girl has an epiphany. No one out there is helping teachers organize their classrooms. Organized and well managed classrooms are one of the top needs in order for a successful school year. Girl realizes that God has given her a gift. A gift that has a purpose. She doesn’t know what that purpose looks like. She just knows that the classroom isn’t her ending, it’s only her beginning. Girl knows that God can only give her the big things after she has trusted Him with the small things. She is taking a risk, stepping out on a limb, fully aware that blogging about organized classrooms and helping teachers to organize their own rooms is highly unlikely to be any sort of lucrative business. But she is also fully aware that God can do much more than she thinks or imagines.

In case you missed it… the girl is me 🙂

The first thing people have said to me when I told them about this new plan was “You were really excited about SHINE, that only lasted for a few months. Is that what’s going to happen again?” I can’t fault anyone for those thoughts. I have even had those thoughts. But all I can say is, this is something I am truly passionate about. I love teaching. but I know my ending isn’t in the classroom. I know that I don’t want to be in the classroom forever. But I am also confident that I don’t want to leave the education world altogether.

I don’t know what this “Simply Organized Teacher” business looks like. I just know that it is the best way to blend two things I am passionate about; teaching and organizing. I have 3 big goals that I am planning to complete by the start of next school year. My first goal (which I have already met!!! *insert clapping emoji hands here*) is to create a website and blog on a consistent basis  The other two are still a work in progress, but I promise to share them as soon as I am ready. Thank you for journey-ing along and encouraging me in all ventures I take on.

Until next time!
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2 thoughts on “What Happened to SHINE?

  1. Kelly you are truly inspiring and anything that you set your heart to will shine because you shine through God’s grace! Finding your path is an adventure and with God guiding you I know that you will succeed! Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

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